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A Message from Zayna Gold Elefteriadis

I am so excited to have such a wonderful community in all of our Boston Body Studios.  Please join us in any of our locations: BostonBelmont, BrooklineSudburyWaterfront and West Newton. We look forward to sharing our passion for Pilates and Barre with all of you.

After more than a decade in the fitness industry I found myself drawn back to Pilates. I wanted to devote my time to training my clients in mind/body fitness. After all the pounding from high-intensity gym workouts, Pilates made my entire body feel better.

In 2010 we added Boston Body Barre classes and Barre Teacher Training to our program,  in 2012 I made my very first Barre DVD and in 2017 I launched my online Pilates Studio! Check out Pilates to Go for online workouts, mentoring videos and pro tips to guide you in your fitness journey.

I have long had a vision of a studio where our clients could exercise in a serene and comfortable atmosphere. I think of Boston Body Pilates as a place to replenish. We all lead such busy lives; it is essential to nourish our bodies and minds just to keep up the pace. I invite you to join us and take time out of your day just for you. Come in to one of our studios and experience a Private Session or Group Class with one of our motivating instructors. Most importantly, make time to reconnect your mind and body, make new friends and, who knows, maybe rediscover some old passions in the process.

- Zayna Gold, Boston Body Program Director

A Message from co-owner Clark Elefteriadis

It’s like the guy says in the commercial, “I am not only the president, I am also a client.” After years of battling my weight as a kid, I got in the best shape of my life when my wife and I opened Boston Body Pilates. I did the usual workouts-heavy weight lifting, grueling runs, etc. I felt fantastic and in 1999 I ran the Boston Marathon. After I had reached the “pinnacle” of staying in shape tearing my body and joints apart-I not only gained every pound back, but added another 20 pounds just for good measure. And let’s just say it is not fun owning a fitness business being overweight. Finally I had enough. I simply said to myself – I continually hear our clients talking about how they transformed their bodies and how amazing they feel. I decided to prescribe to myself what I say to every client who walks through our doors. With an open mind and my ego put to the side, I truly embraced the alternative mind body workout approach. I started doing 3 workouts every week –two Pilates Equipment workouts and one Yoga/Sculpting workout. Within three months I lost 30 pounds with no special diet other than eating healthy foods. I have never felt better and I look forward to my workouts like I never did before! I never really liked working out – it was a means to an end. Now it is the highlight of my day!

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