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Mat Mentoring Program

Starting Saturday March, 13 2021 

Attend Live on Zoom or Watch On Demand 

Classical Choreography + Contemporary Movement Principles

Take your Teacher Training Journey to the next level with our Mat Mentoring Program. This program is affordable and accessible for everybody - no matter where you live.

Each meeting will cover: 
  • Classical choreography of 2-3 Mat exercises. 
  • Understand the Movement Principles of each classical exercise  through foundational moves in each body position.
  • Our theme that Pilates is for every unique body.
  • This program promotes joint safety; body mind health; and wellness for all levels of fitness.
All Sessions will be recorded and available to Mentoring Participants through week 10. Recordings offer a chance to review material and earn more apprentice hours.

Prerequisites for Pilates Mat Mentoring:
  • All Pilates Certification Programs Welcome
  • Enrollment or Completion of Entry Level Mat Courses and Movement Principles Course
Meeting Topics
Saturday's 11-12:30 p.m. EST Beginning March 13

Meeting 1: 
  • Core Engagement 360 Degrees
  • Warm Up
Meeting 2:
  • Breath for Healing & Wellness
  • The Hundred
  • Roll Up
Meeting 3: 
  • Finding your Safe Neutral
  • Single Leg Circle
  • Rolling like a Ball
Meeting 4:
  •  Proper Hollowing of Abdominals
  • Abdominal Work for Neck, Spine & Low Back Issues
  • Ab Series of Five
Meeting 5: 
  • Seated Posture & Alignment
  • Spine Stretches
  • Saw
Meeting 6: 
  • Posterior Chain
  • Swan  
Meeting 7: 
  • Strong Glutei & Hamstrings
  • Single Leg Kick
  • Double Leg Kick
Meeting 8:
  • Lateral Chain
  • Side Lying Leg Series
  • Clams
Meeting 9:
  • Bridging
Meeting 10:
  • Planks
  • Push Up

Here's how it works: 

  • Complete your Balanced Body Education Requirements with weekend courses OR Private Education
  • Deepen your knowledge and earn apprentice hours with ZOOM Mentoring Meetings with Zayna Gold
  • Receive discounted Private Sessions
  • Complete homework and apprentice hours via Pilates to Go, On Demand.

Price Includes:

  • Ten 90-minute Mentoring Meetings with Zayna assisted by Senior Trainer, Jillian Rothenberg. 
    Saturdays 11-12:30 pm on Zoom.
  • Apprentice Opportunities
  • Discounts on Privates

    TOTAL: $600
    Early Bird Special: Only $450 
- Balanced Body Teacher Training Courses
- Pilates to Go, On Demand. subscription
- Optional Private One on One Sessions
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