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Private Teacher Training

More and more people are choosing Private Teacher Training in order to fit into busy schedules; learning styles; and a deeper understanding of how to become a great teacher.  Each course can be completed with a specific number of Private Sessions with Program Director Zayna Gold.

If you prefer the option of private education here are some frequently asked questions: 


Why One on One Teacher Training?
Private education sessions cover all of the material presented in Balanced Body weekend course modules.  In addition the private student gains a depth of knowledge in body awareness, teaching skill set and proper form.  You will receive ongoing encouragement, feedback and attention. 

What courses are offered Privately?
You can take one course privately if your schedule prevents you from attending a regularly scheduled weekend course. OR you can take any and all courses privately - even completing the entire Comprehensive Program for Mat, Reformer and Apparatus.  Balanced Body Barre is particularly popular in a private setting to work on teaching to music, class format and proper form so you can get ready to teach as soon as possible.

What is the agenda for One on One Teacher Training?
Each course is structured with the Balanced Body course agenda for that particular module.  For example Mat One contains all of the structured material, manual and DVD as the weekend group course.  In addition, you will receive extra attention to the following areas:

- faculty lecture and presentation of material--both exercises and movement principles. 
- skills & drills - student practices exercises/principles on a body- either faculty or another instructor/mentee
- group class: if desired private student attends group classes to earn Personal Practice hours toward apprentice requirements.
- private attention towards proper alignment and form. Ideal for participants who want to deepen personal practice and/or relieve back and joint strain.
- written test.  this is completed in the studio either verbally or in writing.  Faculty reviews with student to gain more understanding of challenge areas.

Will I be ready to teach faster with One on One Teacher Training?
We will set clear expectations of your teaching goals.  Often our private education participants need to get ready as quickly as possible for a teaching opportunity.  The individual attention and extra time spent on Skills & Drills will get you prepared to teach with confidence.

What are the course requirements for Mat, Reformer, Comprehensive?
Balanced Body Education is one of the most respected International Pilates & Barre Teacher Training Programs.|Each Private Education course is 16 hours.  You may take one course Privately or complete the entire program privately. For complete details visit

Pricing & Requirements:

Upon completion participant will receive official Certificate of Completion from Balanced Body Education

Cost Includes:
-15 Private Sessions ($1999)
-Balanced Body Course Registration + Materials ($630)
-CC Processing Fee 
Price for Single Participant: 2649 per course

Email: to enroll.