Ready to Test Out?!

Congratulations on completing all of your coursework and practical hours! Below are the steps to take to ace your final test out.

Getting Test Out Approval:

Test Out Application:

Here is the link to Balanced Body's Test Out Application. The fastest way to get Test Out Approval is to email the application in to education@pilates.com instead of physically mailing it. If you plan to test out with Zayna/Boston Body Pilates please CC us on your application, education@bostonbody.com so we can keep an eye on it for you. Once you are approved, you can start planning for your test out.

Test Preps:

Students learn so much during the teacher training process, it’s hard to know what to focus on while you are studying for your final test out. Here at Boston Body, we offer test prep sessions with our Balanced Body Master Faculty Member, Zayna Gold or with our education team. During your test prep, you will be able to go over any questions you have, learn what you need to focus on during your studies for the written examination, and which exercises you will be tested on during the practical examination. These sessions can be done on Zoom or in-person.

Prices for Test Preps:

Test Prep with Zayna Gold: $225

Five Pack of Test Preps with Zayna: $799

*NEW* Fall 2023 Group Comprehensive Test Prep Series:
Three Part Prep Series ~ Read More Here.
$450 *Limited Space Available*

Test Out Registration:

After receiving Test Out Approval from Balanced Body we can schedule your final test. Once we pick the date, you will need to register for the test out through Balanced Body's Website (just like signing up for a course). Here are the test out prices:

Test Out Prices:

Pilates Mat: $250

Pilates Mat/Reformer: $300

Pilates Comprehensive: $350

Balanced Body Barre: $200

Exam Day:

To complete the program a final test out is required. The test out will consist of a written portion, similar to the written examinations taken during each module as well as a practical component.

Test Out can be done virtually or in person depending on your location.

Written Exam: The written exam is a multiple choice and short answer exam. It covers movement principles, anatomy and movement applications, exercise recommendations for special populations, and Pilates specific repertoire applications on all of the apparatus. 

Practical Exam: The practical exam will be an observation of a session with a client or an apparatus-based class. Each test out will have specific requirements as per the administrating examiner. These requirements will be determined prior to the testing and shared with students.

During the exam we will be observing and rating the instructor’s skills in the following areas:

  • Correct set up and execution of the exercises

  • Client safety

  • Appropriate sequencing

  • Appropriateness of the exercises to the client or class

  • Understanding and application of the principles

  • Cueing and the ability to communicate with your client or class

If the instructor does not pass on the first try, we will discuss what they need to focus on in order to pass and set up a timeline for completion.

Upon completion of all of the above requirements, a certificate of completion for your given course of study will be issued by Balanced Body 3-4 weeks after they recieve your final paperwork and test results.