Senior Pilates Trainer & Mentoring Participant
"Hi Zayna, I should let you know that the summer mentoring has provided me with so many great tools I’ve been able to put in play all summer. One of my clients was recently diagnosed with Osteoporosis, I was able to shift right away from flexion and rotation exercises into a whole new program for her. I also added simple weight bearing, just marching with hand weights. Last Monday, I had a client in a group class with diastasis, I could guide her when it came time for an ab workout. In my next class, I had 1 client with osteoporosis and 1 with scoliosis. I felt so much more confident in modifying the program for them. These have all been great topics that are real everyday with our clients!! I just wanted to provide some feedback on the learning journey."

Studio Owner, Thrive Newport
"I feel so very fortunate to have found Zayna when I did as I had a few less than positive experiences in the early days of my Pilates journey. That all changed when I connected with Zayna. Her depth of knowledge and experience is vast and her ability to teach the method is simply the best! She has such a gift for cueing which is a huge benefit when exploring your own body and learning how to teach. Zayna has created a global Pilates community of support and encouragement. I could go to any city in the world and find a Pilates instructor/friend through Zayna's international network of world class instructors. She instills confidence in her students as well as encourages creativity within the brilliant method and she does it without judgement. I can not say enough about my journey with Zayna. I completed most of my balanced body comprehensive certification courses with Zayna, endless private sessions, workshops, as well as, traveled to conferences organized by her and every experience has left me craving more! I will forever be a student of the great Zayna Gold and believe I am a much better instructor because of my time spent under her leadership. I have found tremendous success in my own studio and truly believe my success is a direct result of Zayna's guidance and support!"

Studio Owner, Pilates with Luci
"I can't tell you what a difference you are making in my life! I’m passing on my excitement and knowledge to these beautiful ladies... the exercises are great but I love your attitude about letting our clients be and making three feel good wherever they are in their fitness journey. I’ve been reminding myself of that this week and noticed how people improved on their own because I’ve been more supportive in my comments. I can’t wait for the next mentoring session. Jill was very good in her presentation. I’m in awe of how poised she is and well she teaches for being so young. I can hear your voice through her."